7 Tips for Being a Good Neighbor

  1. Don’t wander. Stay on approved trails and avoid damaging private property or getting into a wetland or creek and damaging our region’s beautiful wildlife.
  2. Leave no trace. If you pack it in, then pack it out. If you see trash, please pick it up. It takes everyone to make and keep the trails clean. Your help is always appreciated!
  3. Safe passing. When you see another group coming your direction, look for a wide section of trail to pull off and let them pass. If you’re in the front of a group passing someone pulled over, then give them the number of riders to expect that are following you so they don’t pull out into the trail too soon. You can do this by stopping to tell them or by holding up the numbers of riders with your hands.
  4. Be a Good Samaritan. If you see someone in trouble, stop and help if you feel comfortable doing so. Otherwise, call for help.
  5. Show respect to communities. Slow down when approaching a residential area or commercial area on an ATV route or a trailhead. This will help prevent kicking up dust, reducing your noise, and showing respect to those who live near an ATV trail.
  6. Make friends. Use social distancing and/or a mask when seeing groups or visiting your favorite restaurant. But don’t be a stranger and hide behind your mask — part of the fun of any adventure is making new friends.
  7. Permit easily visible. Be sure to keep your annual permit on the left side of your helmet and be prepared to stop if you see a ranger. Having the permit (or a day pass) on your left side allows the ranger to check you quickly and allow you to continue on your adventure. If you trade out helmets from winter to spring, then use two-sided tape for easy transfer.