Spring Cleaning Time at Spearhead Trails

APRIL 2021 | VOL. 1, ISSUE 4

Message from the Director

The long winter is over, and we hope the last of the snow has fallen! This means it’s time for spring cleaning and grooming for Spearhead Trails. We’ve been busy getting staff and equipment ready, as well as securing any necessary permits.

Riders and trail users need to be aware that our rangers will be out in force mowing, weed eating, planting wildflowers, and fixing ruts and maintaining our erosion control best management practices over the next several months. Our crews will be working mainly during the week to perform this work. As such, riders should use caution and be alert as many will begin riding our trails with the onset of nice weather.

Caution should also be used as spring storms can cause further issues. A green trail can quickly become a black trail.

Report Problems
If you see a problem, either let a ranger know or call (276)807-7581 or (276)220-9875.

We’ll need the following information:
* Describe the problem
* Provide the location (with the nearest intersecting trails)
* Name of the trail system (we have 7) you’re riding (or if you’re on one of our nonmotorized trails)

Once we receive your information, we’ll resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

With 600+ miles of trails, having additional eyes out for any issues helps us keep the trails safe and environmentally compliant.

Happy Trails,

L. Shawn Lindsey
Executive Director