Signage and Wayfinding System Updating Plans

Spearhead Trails will be revamping our signage and wayfinding system over the next year with a Recreational Trails Grant administered through the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. Riders will find that maps books will soon be published for the Motorized Off-Highway Trails or ATV Trails and one for the backroads of the Cumberland Routes. These will be much nicer than our throw-away maps and include additional information to help you navigate our trails, as well as travel from trail to trail.

In addition to nicer maps, we’ll have kiosk and picnic areas on each trail system with information about the trails, area, history, geology and culture of the region. The new trail signs will supplement existing signs and give distances and directions to trailheads, places of interest on the trails, towns, food, and fuel — much like the highway system. We have “decent” maps now, but you have to be a good map reader. The signage we install will allow you to navigate to places of interest and trailheads easier with a map most of the time — even if you don’t have a map or are not skilled with maps.

We’ll still publish our trails maps in form of PDFs, Google Maps, KML files and, in the future, GPX files. GPX files can be downloaded into a GPX reader to navigate the trails much like you would on other apps. We also hope to soon provide our own Spearhead Trails app that will feature information about our trails, businesses around our trails, a calendar of events, and more.