Multi-use recreational trails in the Southwest Regional Recreation Area
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Fisher’s ATV World to showcase Spearhead Trails on the Outdoor Channel

Yes Virginia, there is an ATV Trail! Or should we say, there will be. Brian Fisher, host of the award winning Fisher’s ATV World, will be showcasing Spearhead Trail’s “Mountain View” system on Monday, March 25, airing at 4:00 pm and 9:30 pm, EST on the Outdoor Channel. The ATV/OHV trail system, located near the town of St. Paul, will be featured as part of Fisher’s “Keepin’ it Real” tour. “Our visit to the Spearhead Trails was a great experience. They have riding for everyone of any skill level with a good amount of moderate to difficult trails, which is what I enjoy the most. The ability to ride downtown to get what you need makes it a really convenient place to camp and ride. Spearhead Trails will be one of the East Coast’s premiere hot spots for off-road riding. We’re looking forward to going back in the near future to check out even more trails,” says Brian Fisher of Fisher’s ATV World.

The Mountain View system will open with approximately 75 miles of ATV trails with planned trailheads near or in the town of St. Paul. Permits will go on sale in May and the system is expected to open by mid-June. “We’re being sort of hush-hush about the details right now to generate excitement and to give our “Patron” riders a chance for some VIP experiences before we open to the general public,” says Chuck Riedhammer, Executive Director of the Southwest Regional Recreation Authority (SRRA). Spearhead Trails is a Southwest Virginia initiative charged with developing and managing revenue producing multi-use trail systems throughout the seven county, one city “Heart of Appalachia” region. Operating as part of SRRA, Spearhead Trails currently has trail projects planned throughout the region. “We are very excited to be featured on such a prominent and popular television show,” says Riedhammer. “This will bring a great deal of attention to our region and soon the world will know what a great place Southwest Virginia is to plan a trip, or plan a lifetime. We have unmatched opportunities for business and pleasure, and a quality of life you won’t find anywhere else.”

The mission of the Southwest Regional Recreation Authority is to stimulate, enhance, and sustain economic development and job creation through entrepreneurial opportunities. “Our trail systems will not only generate direct revenue for the region, we will spark a flurry of new business opportunities, increase sales tax and visitor spending, and generate local economic impact,” says Riedhammer. “Visitors will travel here to stay longer and spend more money on things like food, lodging, gas, and retail products. In addition, there will be new, profitable opportunities for outdoor recreation entrepreneurs and outfitters. Make no mistake; while government is an investor, this is very much a business. We owe a great debt of gratitude to those initial funders like the Virginia Tobacco Commission who saw the potential of their investment in SRRA.”

SRRA received its initial funding from the Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission chaired by Virginia Delegate Terry Kilgore. “The Spearhead Trails initiative offered a vast opportunity to showcase our area and a great trail system. It is our hope that this system will continue to grow and benefit the region,” says Kilgore. SRRA has gone on to secure investments from other entities including the Motorcycle Industry Council, Department of Housing and Community Development, and the Appalachian Regional Commission. Spearhead Trails’ revenues will come in the form of sponsorships, trail use fees, and merchandise sales.

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