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Social Distancing & Spearhead Trail’s Challenge

Spearhead Challenge To Our Riders – Social Distancing of 12 Feet on our Trails!!

Our trails are open for our riders but we are challenging you to double the standards set by our Governor and stay at least 12 feet away from other riders. We have approximately 600 miles of trails that allow riders to have some time away and be free. Be sure and remain mindful of other riders in areas such as Trailheads, Overlooks & Play Areas.

  • If you come upon a rider out exploring one of these areas,
    remain in your unit until the rider leaves the area.
  • If you have a full face helmet, keep your faced covered at all
    time in the presence of others.
  • Wear gloves

Let’s not forget that everyone is waking up to a new reality that they must restrict their activities. Local and national leaders are using their collective voices to stress the seriousness of this situation, encouraging all people to think of their family members, neighbors and community during this time.

One thing is certain: As our daily lives change, people will want to be outdoors and will use open outdoor areas of parks and trails to keep healthy — physically and mentally — and to provide activities for kids who suddenly have no school and unlimited time without being able to hang with friends.