Report a Trail Issue

We here at Spearhead Trails take nature conservancy and our riders safety very seriously and would like to  encourage members of the public and our fellow riders to report activities or any trail conditions that may be causing any unsafe riding conditions or environmental damage to the air, soil, water and forests on any of our trails so we can ensure they are investigated and dealt with in a timely manner.  We strive to keep our trails and all surrounding areas as natural as possible but also provide good clean recreation options for everyone who visits our trails.  All “tips” will be read and followed up on in the order received. Providing contact information will allow Spearhead Trails to follow up with the person submitting the information.  The information reported should be as detailed as possible, such as the location of the activity/issue (Trail, Trail Number), what issues/activities may have occurred. All trails are monitored via security cameras and anyone caught violating trail rules and riding off trail or on closed trail systems will be written citations.

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