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Spearhead Trails Trail Rules & Regulations

General Trail
Rules & Etiquette

  • All trail users and passengers shall have a valid Spearhead Trails permit sticker.
  • The user permit sticker is always to be affixed to the left side of user’s helmet below the goggle line by either permit adhesive or Velcro tape.
  • If no helmet is required, user must have permit plainly displayed and readily available.
  • Any rider shall have a permit in their possession when on the trail and shall present it when asked by a Spearhead Trails Ranger or law enforcement officer.
  • Unless otherwise stated in rules, everyone shall wear a DOT, SNELL, or other approved helmet.
  • Trails are open from sunrise to sunset unless otherwise designated.
  • Trails may be closed or rerouted for any reason deemed appropriate or as needed for maintenance and/or safety reasons.
  • Dress properly according to conditions.
  • Riders shall wear approved safety equipment and attire. We recommend gloves, goggles, boots and protective gear to maximize your trail experience.
  • During hunting season, “blaze orange” is encouraged for all trail users.
  • Obey all trail rules and regulations.
  • Riders shall obey posted speed limits, trail boundaries, and requests from Spearhead Trails Rangers.
  • Adult supervision is required for those under age 18.
  • All riders are required to stop when signaled by a Spearhead Trails ranger or law enforcement officer.
  • All riders regardless of age shall sign a Spearhead Trails liability waiver.
  • If underage, a parent or guardian must sign a liability waiver for that individual.
  • A valid Driver’s License or Photo ID is required to sign waiver and to purchase a permit.
  • All applicable Federal and State laws will be enforced and shall always be adhered to by all users.
  • Riders 16 and older shall always carry a photo ID.
  • Drive or ride at a speed reasonable for conditions and adhere to all directional and speed limit signs.
  • No drugs or alcoholic beverages may be consumed or carried.
  • No firearms or fireworks.
  • Obey all signs, gates, and barriers.
  • Stay on marked trails, only enter and exit the trail systems at a trailhead, community or other approved connectors.
  • Do not enter a “no trail,” “no entry” or any other gated area.
  • Stay out of streams and all non-designated wetlands or water collection areas.
  • No fires and no camping on the trails.
  • Dogs must always be leashed when on all Spearhead Trails Systems.
  • Vehicles, equines, and bikes shall be under control and appropriate to the rider’s age, size, and experience.
  • DO NOT LITTER. Have respect for nature and the surrounding environment. Pack out what you pack in.
  • As a best practice, don’t be on the trails alone. Always bring along a partner.

Jeep Trail Rules

  • Helmets are not required but Driver and Passengers are encouraged to wear Helmets
  • All 4x4 vehicles that are tagged and street legal will be permitted on Jeep Trails
  • Driver and Passengers must be in a manufacturer-approved seat with seatbelt fastened
  • No Riders in the Bed of Trucks
  • Riders must contact Spearhead Trails before removing damaged vehicles from the trails.
  • Riders must contact Spearhead Trails for containment and cleanup of any spilt fluids or glass.
  • For safety, Riders are encouraged to ride in groups of two or more.


Special Safety Requirements
For All Motorized Vehicles

  • No person shall drive an motorized vehicle unless that person meets the minimum age recommendation specified by the manufacturer for the vehicle that is being driven.
  • No passengers on any machine unless the machine is manufactured for the driver and a passenger.
  • The number of passengers carried on a side-by-side utility type vehicle shall be limited by the number of manufacturers installed seat belts.
  • Speed Limit is 25 mph.
  • Individual and machine liability insurance is encouraged for all riders.
  • Unauthorized motorized vehicles, rock crawlers, rail buggies, and dune buggies are not allowed.
  • Refuel at gas stations or at trailheads. Be careful when refueling and always start your ride with a full tank.
  • Follow all rules and regulations identified in the motorized vehicle's owner’s manual and all trail rules and regulations posted.
  • Utility Type Vehicles can only be operated on designated trails.
  • Machines may not be self-constructed or modified from manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Units shall be equipped with ROPS (Roll-Over Protection System) from the manufacturer.
  • Machines equipped with manufacturer seat belts must be in good working order and worn at all times.
  • All riders shall abide by all the manufacturer’s requirements regarding the age and size of operators and passengers.

Equine Trail Rules

  • An equine-approved helmet is required for those under the age of 18. Helmets are strongly recommended for all riders.
  • Young or inexperienced riders and/or horses are not to be on the trail without an experienced rider and equine.
  • Equines and young riders that are inexperienced or skittish shall be identified with a green ribbon tied to their mounts tail.
  • An animal prone to kick shall have a red ribbon affixed to their tail, and a stud shall have a yellow ribbon affixed to their tail.
  • A Negative Coggins test is required for all equines using the trails.
  • This shall be presented upon request by any Spearhead Trails Ranger or law enforcement officer.
  • If required by rider’s state of residence, a health certificate for equines shall be presented upon request.
  • The state of Virginia requires all out of state equines to have a health certificate.
  • Grant of License to Use Trail System - To the extent that it has the right to do so, Licensor hereby additionally grants to Licensee the rights of ingress and egress to the land for the sole purpose of recreating on such trails by foot, bicycle, and horse; provided however, no motorized vehicles shall be permitted on the land, under the license granted hereunder except for trail maintenance, law enforcement, and rescue personnel. The use of E-bikes are the only exception to this ban of motorized vehicle use and such bike users shall limit the speed of their bikes to 10mph or less when approaching other trail users and such bikers shall use extraordinary caution when approaching horses as to not alarm them and cause harm to the horses or their riders. The licensee and its invitees are expressly restricted from using the land in any capacity for the activity known popularly as "mud bogging" of for using the land for any type of activity where the objective is to drive a vehicle through a pit of mud for a set distance or where the objective is to traverse a pit of mud in the quickest time possible.




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