A Nonprofit Organization Passionate About Recreation in the Coal Fields of Virginia


Membership Levels

  • Individual – $25.00 - Name on website & Sign, copy of newsletter, and a shirt.
  • Family - $75.00 – Same as Individual level plus two additional shirts.
  • Small Business - $250.00 – Name & logo on website and banner, copy of newsletter, sponsorship of
    one event , and a shirt.
  • Bronze Level – $500.00 - Same as Small Business level plus sponsorship of one more event, and certificate.
  • Silver Level - $1000.00 Same as Bronze level plus main sponsorship of event of companies choosing.
  • Gold Level – $1500.00 Same as Silver level plus one more main sponsorship of companies choosing, and a Plaque.


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Trail Blazers is an organization dedicated to outdoor recreation and involvement. We host and promote events, races, and community projects all over the seven coal field throughout the year.

Additionally, we organize foot races such as the Oxbow Ultra assist with the Cloud Splitter. Check our Event Calendar for upcoming events. In order to support our efforts memberships are available for individuals as well as companies and organizations. Please see Register Now become a member.