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Coal Canyon at Jewell Valley

Opens October 19th, 2019

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Trail Overview

The Jawbone Trail/ Coal Canyon Trail at Jewell Valley opened on October 19th, 2019.  Why two names?  The trails is cut in half by the county line between Tazewell County and Buchanan County.  The trail changes names from Jawbone Trail to Coal Canyon at Jewell Valley at the County line.  We hope to join the Jawbone Trail throughout Tazewell County and connect to the Original Pocahontas Trail.  We are also working to expand the Coal Canyon Trail at Grundy to join to the this trail and will have the different trailhead locations to distinguish the two sides of what will be a large combined system.

This trail covers a vast 10,000 acres and has 4 overlooks.  This trail is unique in that it allows 4 wheel drive vehicles that are street legal in addition to ATV’s, UTV’s, side by side, dirt bikes, and is well suited for dual sport bikes.  The trail consist mainly of gravel roads and about 30 % of the system is dirt with some sections on the Jewell Valley side consisting of scenic asphalt roads.  Riders will find a play area with the same grading system of Green trails, Blue Trails, and Black Trails as well as some yellow trails for ATV’s only.  This trail was designed for jeeps/ 4 wheel drive street legal vehicles so users may find the rating of these trails easier than most of the other trails in our system.  This trail also features a play area for jeeps and has some great wildlife viewing.


Jeeps and ORVsATV, UTV, Motor Bike
General Rules for all Motorized Trail Users
  • Permits Are Required for Driver and Passengers
  • Helmets are required for Persons riding in/on Motorized Vehicles Except Jeep/4x4
  • Stay on Marked Trails
  • Only Enter and Exit the Trail System Thru Trailhead or Community Connector
  • Ride at Reasonable Speed for Conditions
  • Do Not Litter – Practice Pack It In/Pack It Out
  • No Camping or Fires on Trails
  • System is open from Sunrise to Sunset
  • Stop When Signaled
  • Obey all Signs, Gates & Barriers
  • Adult Supervision is required if under the age of 18
  • No Fireworks or Firearms
  • No Drugs or Alcohol
Jeep/4x4 Rules
  • Driver and Passengers are encouraged to wear Helmets
  • All Jeeps and 4x4 vehicles that are tagged and street legal will be permitted on Jeep Trails.
  • Any non-tagged vehicle that isn’t classified as an ATV, Side by Side, UTV, Adventure Bike, Dirt Bike or Dual Sport Bike IS NOT permitted on trail
  • Driver and Passengers must be in a manufacturer approved seat with seatbelt fastened
  • No Riders in the Bed of Trucks
  • Riders are responsible for removing damaged vehicles from the trails.
  • Riders are responsible for containment and cleanup of any spilt fluids or glass
  • For Safety Riders are encouraged to ride in groups of two or more
  • Bring Necessary Equipment to help in the event of vehicle getting stuck

Trail Map

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