Frequently Asked Questions
About Spearhead Trails



Permits can be purchased at select retailers near our trail systems. Spearhead Trails offers annual, Day and Youth passes online, at local retailers and at our Coeburn location. 3 Day passes can be purchased on our online store. Veteran passes must be purchased in person at our Coeburn location. There will be an additional charge of $3.00 for online orders. Resident passes can be purchased at local retailers and at our headquarters in Coeburn, Va.

ALL riders and drivers must have a permit or day pass before entering the trail. Any rider or driver without a permit or day pass will be subject to a citation.

Annual permits are $60. Day Passes are $30. Resident permits $30 (Must provide proof of residency). 3 Day Passes are $20. Veteran Passes are $30 (must provide proof of veteran status).

Day passes are $30. They are good for one day only and cannot be traded in on annual pass. We also offer a 3 day permit that is good for 72 hours from the day of purchase.

You get one per person, per waiver. You cannot share a permit with another rider.

All you need is a valid driver’s license and a signed SRRA liability waiver.

Non-County Resident Annual permits are good for 12 months. County residents within the 7 Southwest Virginia counties (Wise, Dickenson, Scott, Lee, Tazewell, Buchanan, Russell and the City of Norton) are good for a full calendar year. Day passes are only good for the day you purchase them. (They cannot be used as credit to purchase an annual permit). 3 Day permits are good for 72 hours from time of purchase.

Yes, you need to adhere the permit to the left side of your helmet. 

If using another helmet we suggest bringing the helmet that has the permit with you and to also make sure to carry your receipt and liability waiver if a permit cannot be adhered to the new helmet. SRRA only provides one permit per customer we cannot provide duplicate permits for multiple helmets.

A list of rules is available online but waiver forms need to be completed at the retailers or online when purchasing permits and you will have the option to download and keep the waiver for your records. If you did fill a waiver online and would like to receive a copy please email [email protected] and one will be sent to the email address on file.

Yes, all riders will need to purchase a permit no matter what machine they are riding.

ATVs, 4 Wheelers, & Dirt bikes, E-bikes. Jeeps on designated trail systems only. Horses on designated equestrian trails.

We don’t have age restrictions but if the child is operating the machine alone, the machine must be appropriate for the child’s age and size according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

You have to have a valid driver’s license to operate the machine through the towns. While on the trail system the underage individual must be able to fit in the seat appropriately and be able to handle the vehicle at all times and under any situation.


Trail Use

We only offer online maps at this time. You can download kml and gpx files of each trail system at

Yes, however not on the trails but you can visit the plan your adventure page on our site to find local camping and hotel accommodations. or

You can visit the plan your adventure page on our site to find local camping and hotel accommodations.

You can visit the plan your adventure page on our site to find local camping and hotel accommodations.

Yes, but only on designate MX trails marked on each trail map.

You should ride in groups for safety.

Yes, unless otherwise posted on multiuse trails the speed limit is 25 mph.

Approved spark arrestors are required.

Yes but only on designated Jeep Trail systems. (Jawbone)

Yes, as long as they are controlled at all times.

Yes, permit required.

Green- easy, Blue- intermediate, Black- advanced/ difficult/ technical.

ATVs On The Roads

Only if they are marked for ATV use.

The roads must be approved by VDOT and have proper signage. And the person driving must have a valid issued drivers license from the state they are a resident.

You must have a valid driver’s license to operate on the roadways.