Russell Fork

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Russell Fork Trail Miles

Russell Fork Trail gives users a multitude of reasons to explore the trails...A local pastor and his wife who moved to the area from New York State love birdwatching. They enjoy their hikes on the Russell Fork Trail where they park by the railroad tracks in Bartlick and hike up the trail about a mile while throughly enjoying the Woods, the Bird Songs and the Trail.

Here is what they had to say about the trail:

“We took a lovely mile or so hike this morning on the new Russell Fork River Trail beginning at Kiwanis. We were not disappointed! We saw a wide variety of wild flowers and the trees were full of seeds, in addition to plants full of berries and wild grapes , which a variety of birds were chowing down on! We saw Chickadees, Cardinals, Catbirds, a Towhee and a very striking Cedar Waxwing. For the first time ever we sighted a Worm Eating Warbler. We also saw other numerous warbler species that we were unable to identify. A real treat was the pair of beautiful Indigo Buntings that we saw perched together atop a bush. If you walk the trail, look for this beautiful all blue male bird, and his sweet all brown mate. We saw a Pair of hummingbirds too!"

Trail Miles
Russell Fork Adventure Trail10
Fighting Dick Colley Trail1.6
Splashdam Mine Pass1.4
3 C Loop0.86
Yellow Poplar Loop0.85
Hill Mill Tunnel Trail0.77


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Kiosk Information for Day Use

  • All Users MUST fill out an envelope and donations are greatly appreciated.
  • Hikers - FREE
  • Mountain Bike - $3 per day/per rider
  • Equestrian - $5 per day/per rider